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I have invited some very talented authors and teachers to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with a small group of writers who are ready to become published authors.

During this 2-day event hidden away in the awesome Great Smokey Mountains, you will discover the answers to the questions that authors have asked themselves for years:

Plus, our experts have all created passive streams of income with their writing that allow them to enjoy working from home while making more money than they ever did doing anything else.

And they are going to show you just how to do the same!

So if you are a writer and are ready to
learn how to monetize your gift, plan to join us for the
weekend get-away of your dreams!

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Here’s what some of our past attendees have said about our other events.

“I have been given a clear direction for pursuing my dreams again. Though I am in the process of drawing out my own passion and God-given gifts, I feel blessed through the contacts I have made, and by Rhea’s encouragement. I was able to encourage others at the event. In turn, I am re-learning to focus on my own heart and the direction I want to go in for my family and for others. “I am grateful for the information that I can now pass on to help direct others. I have met many new friends to encourage and be encouraged by.”

Paul Klein
Cedar City, Utah

* * *

“I am a successful ER physician that is essentially hourly paid contract Laborer. My income had been dropping consistently over the past six years despite higher stress levels and longer hours.

“This conference was truly a Godsend. My wife found it on the Internet and asked me if I thought we should go. Never have I been more happy with a decision. I am confident that this weekend will profoundly change the life of our family. I can now see how God can provide for our ministry in Haiti while allowing us to utilize our gifts.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Joe Kraft
College Station, TX

* * *

“I got more out of Entrepreneur Days than I could ever imagine. We have been trying to figure out a way to bring Dad home. We now have a vision far greater than we ever dreamed of.

“You have blessed us more than you could ever comprehend through this weekend. Out life is now on a completely different track. No longer will we dream of being on the ‘left side of the quadrant.’ We will be on the ‘right side of the quadrant.’

“We now know it’s not just a dream but that we will arrive, Dad will come home, and we will have freedom, but most of all, we will have money to help minister and fully follow through until the end. We will succeed! Thank you so much. Now we know our dreams will be reality.”

Joann C. Moore
Chandler, AZ

* * *

“Wow! I got so much out of this conference, and I can’t wait until the next one! This has really motivated me to get started with Internet Marketing.

“I never knew that so many money-making opportunities ever existed online!... and at not much cost (or none). This conference truly got so many ideas rolling around in my head that I never would have gotten anywhere else!

“ Wow, I can’t wait to get home and set up a blog and create a website… and write my e-book!

“ Looking forward to more Rhea’s Days conferences in the future!”

Kate Nagatani, age 14
San Diego, CA

* * *

“I have been so blessed by Rhea and her team these past few days. I came last year and I procrastinated and when I came home I never did anything. I knew how to do it, I just didn’t want to get out of my cushy couch of Security and be in a whole new dimension.

“This year, I realized that I was so wrong and that I totally needed to change my way of thinking. So I have changed my perspective and I am determined that when I get home tonight I will GO FOR IT! I will do everything I can to accomplish my goals.

“I am planning to develop a blog in the next few months, build further upon my web-sites, sell stuff on ebay, write an ebook, write a physical book, develop my strategies (marketing, connecting, sales, etc.), go on a missions trip, and be more bold about sharing the Good News with other people.

“I have always wanted to write books to help people, and this year I plan to do it! I have set a goal to make at least $1,000 by this time next year!


Elizabeth Rostan, age 14
Orange, CA

* * *

“All I can say is WOW! And thank you for allowing me to attend! You have offered me hope and are you kidding!! You will be getting at least a three page letter from me soon! I have LOTS to tell you!”

Kati Guilfoyle
San Jose, CA

* * *

“It’s been a year till we waited to come to Rhea’s Days. I was not disappointed. I wanted to come to learn but also expose my husband to the whole entrepreneurial mindset – He liked it and we are looking forward together now to training and modeling for our kids. Together.

“We plan to write books, not only to increase our business, but to live out the things we are passionate about – God’s calling for our lives. We will see what the Lord will do. We are excited about the future.”

Bernadette Ashby
San Jose, CA

* * *

“I came with my Dad looking for good things to spend time and effort on. The trip was more than worth the time and money given to come. Thanks to Rhea and all the speakers and coordinators for a great time!!!”

Caleb Savage, age 15
Perkinsville, VT

* * *

“I wanted to learn about authoring my book. I got exactly the specialized training I needed. I met the mentors I needed and as a result this was a life changing event for me. I have new goals and the courage to make major changes in my business life.

“I highly recommend Entrepreneur Days! Rhea, Thank you so much for providing this experience.”

John Asarian, M.D.
Chico, CA

* * *

“I truly enjoyed Rhea’s Days! Attending last year (in Phoenix, AZ), I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. A year later, I have a new sense of appreciation for it all.

“I really believe that this conference will change my life. I have gotten a boost of motivation to pursue my goals. I plan on furthering my eBay experience by selling some of my old, seemingly useless stuff. But it’s been said: ‘One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.’

“I also plan on applying some of the Internet marketing techniques to help promote my Baseball Tickets Information website. All in all? Awesome!!! Thanks!”

Job Ang, age 16
San Clemente, CA

* * *

“This has been a great conference!. My plan is to get started investing in stock options and the stock market.

“I also look forward to exploring the new suggestions and hope to gain insights to more options in real estate.

“I look forward to future conferences where I may be able to launch other careers in internet marketing and/or authoring. Thanks.”

Mary Bitten
Apache Junction, AZ

* * *

“I came to this event for and with my fifteen year old son, Caleb, but found direction and focus for myself. I’m already a student of Matt Bacak’s and am continuing down that road but by taking Mauricio Martinez to dinner, I found what direction I really need to go in, namely public speaking from the stage. Caleb also came to life so this event was a double home run.”

Tim Savage
Perkinsville, VT

Join Me and Learn from Experts
How to Make it Happen!


Get Instant Access to All the Details

Get instant access to all the details.

Sign up for free bonus education calls
with my guest experts.

Enter Name and Email below.

First name:

Primary E-mail:

We hate spam as much as you do. We promise
to not share your email address with any unauthorized third party.



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